Sydney: The Scotland-Australia Cairn

The Scotland-Australia Bicentenary Cairn stands majestically atop the highest point at Rawson Park, in the northern Sydney suburb of Mosman, not far from Taronga Zoo. 

The traditional monument was a gift from Scotland to the people of Australia to celebrate Australia's bicentenary in 1988. 

The site has a quirky sign showing the distance from Sydney to Edinburgh (which is 16,873 kilometres to be exact).

Close by is a Celtic cross marking the grave of World War 1 aviator Keith Anderson.

The Cairn is made up of 1,750 stones from every parish in Scotland.Some stones in the Cairn are still marked so you can see where they actually came from.

You'll find it off Bradleys Head Road, alongside Rawson Oval, where there's often a cricket game in progress during the summer months.


An annual formal inspection of the Cairn by the Scottish Australian Heritage Council and Mosman Council usually takes place in June.

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