Sydney: BridgeClimb -Totally Over The Top

For the first time, thrill-seekers can CLIMB The Sydney Harbour Bridge FROM PYLON TO PYLON.

People have been climbing the Sydney Harbour Bridge – affectionately dubbed “the Coathanger” – for more than 20 years. But in all that time, no one has actually climbed from end to end.

Until now.

In a bid to lure visitors to the iconic attraction post Covid, BridgeClimb has introduced Ultimate Climb, which lets visitors scale the Bridge from pylon to pylon, and back again.

Over 3.5 hours, people will take more than 1,600 steps and cover about 3.3 kilometres.

The climb starts on the southern side of the Harbour, where visitors climb 134 metres above sea level to the summit.

After taking in unique 360 degree views of the city – including the Sydney Opera House, Luna Park and Kirribilli House (the official Sydney residence of the Australian Prime Minister) – climbers head to the northern side of the bridge.


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