Newcastle: It’s the ‘Macchia-dough’

It started as a quirky coffee craze on Queensland’s Sunshine Coast two years ago, but now coffee lovers south of the border are having their cake, and drinking it too.

The coffee in a doughnut craze today hit Newcastle, north of Sydney, where the Doughheads doughnut shop started serving the caffeine concoction to local punters.

It coincides with National Doughnut Day, which has long been celebrated on the first Friday in June, mainly in the United States.

The latest sweet creation – a doughnut hollowed out to hold a smooth, sweet Nutella paste then filled with either coffee or hot chocolate – has been an Instagram sensation at Doughheads in Newcastle.

They’re calling their new creation the DoughLatte. But surely the ‘Macchia-dough’ could have got a look in?

Coffee in a doughnut

Doughheads is possibly Australia’s most creative doughnut shop with an ever-changing menu of hand-made treats that include the Callebaut chocolate and house-made Monte Carlo biscuits.

There’s even a new take on a few other Aussie favourites (pictured), including the Golden Gaytime with honeycomb custard and biscuit crumble, and the Freckle with strawberry icing and sprinkles.

Of course, they weren’t the first to serve coffee in a doughnut. That honour goes to the Kenilworth Bakery, on Queensland’s Sunshine Coast, which came up with the crazy concoction back in 2017.

Its cinnamon doughnut with a hollow middle, lined with gooey Nutella and then filled with a single origin coffee, is now the third best-selling doughnut on the menu.

 Have Your Cake … And Drink It Too

Start by dipping the lid into the filling. Then use the doughnut like a mug and slurp the coffee shot out. Continue to eat the Nutella-filled pastry from the side.
Doughheads17/200 Union Street, The Junction, Newcastle.
Kenilworth Bakery8 Elizabeth St, Kenilworth.


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